Cheapest Bedroom Heating Available

Sat, 1 May 2010


Electric, Gas & Reverse Cycle Heating Costs Compared
....the winner is Reverse cycle Air conditioning.
Did you know that these are also called 'Heat Pumps' (this is the more common term used in cooler climates such as New Zealand).
The proof;
Bedrooms around 20m2 heated from 6pm to 6am
11MJ Gas Heater (not legal in WA bedrooms)        $3.08/night    $277/winter
2400w Electric Heater      $6.19/night   $557/winter
2.5kW Heat Pump         $1.76/night   $158/winter
Living rooms around 60m2 heated from 5pm to 11pm
32MJ Gas Heater      77c/hr   $415/winter
2400w Electric Heater      $1.55/hr   $800/winter
2.5kW Heat Pump         44c/hr   $237/winter
Your own personal result could vary by more or less according to your use and the efficiencies of your heaters, however you can see that everyone can save substantial amounts of money (and of course help stop climate change) just by selecting an efficient reverse cycle split system.

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