Go Green This Winter

Thu, 1 Jul 2010

Save electricity and gas i.e. help the environment and save money!

Did you know that most Reverse Cycle Airconditioners run for longer periods in winter than in summer (unfortunately there's no warm equivalent to the Fremantle Doctor).

This makes it very important that you choose an efficient Air Con (efficient on heating as well as cooling).

Be careful when buying an air conditioner, for example did you know that according to choice magazine testing, some big brand wall splits drop from the average cooling efficiency of around 80% down to a heating efficiency of only 60%.

An airconditioner that uses just one extra kilowatt of electricity(1kWh=23c see below), could add up to a few hundred dollars a year to your bill. So be careful even if the Air Con cost less to buy, it could still end up costing you. 

For example, if your Air Con comes on at 4pm (just as you get home) and to goes off at midnight (just after you fall asleep) that's 8 hours a day.                                                                                                   23c x 8 = $1.84

There are around 90 days in winter (or summer)                                 $1.84 x 90 = $165.60

Thats $166.68 extra for each winter you have that cheap/inefficient Air Con. Time this by 10 years and it would easily cost more than the most expensve models on the market.

Your own personal result could vary by more or less according to your use, however you can see that everyone can save substantial amounts of money (and of course help stop climate change) just by selecting an efficient reverse cycle split system.

Heating can be up to a third of your electricity cost i.e. leaving a 75w lightglobe on all winter (24hrs) only will cost you $37.50

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