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Acco Airconditioning is Western Australia's ActronAir® Pty Ltd Super Specialist Dealer in Perth


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Established in 1984, ActronAir® is the largest Australian-owned manufacturer of world class air conditioning systems. At ActronAir® they design and manufacture all their own system components including electronics and mircoprocessors, which effortlessly meet the challenges of our unique Australian climate. ActronAir®'s innovation, quality and performance also has an important environmental focus - developing energy efficient solutions, making ActronAir® systems a worthy choice for Acco Airconditioning customers.

COOLWorld Award Winner 

  • Winner of the Environmental/Innovative Product of the Year at the COOLWorld Industry Awards 2008
  • Awarded AIRAH Achievement Award 2007
  • ESP Plus® was developed by ActronAir® and launched to the Australian Market in July 2006
  • ESP Plus® is the first and only fully integrated ducted split system air conditioning system to vary air flow to a minimum zone, resulting in a significant reduction in energy consumption.


ESP = Energy Smart Performance™

ActronAir® has combined their superior design capability with digital technology to create the next generation of air conditioning systems for the modern home. ESP® air conditioning systems constantly analyse and interpret data from temperature sensors in your home, staying one step ahead of requirements - delivering just the right amount of heating and cooling, while using minimal energy. The ESP air conditioning systems come in the ESP®, ESP Plus® and ESP Ultimate®, each with its own unique features.


ESP Plus™

The ESP® system's energy smart performance™ is an essential feature for Australian airconditioners, however, ESP Plus® has added intelligence. With its propriety Variable Air flow technology, ESP Plus® reduces problems such as wasted energy and excess air noise and instead delivers a more comfortable, energy efficient solution. ESP Plus® can automatically sense when zones are switched on or off and adjust airflow to maintain better air flow control. The ESP Plus® also includes a 'smart' fan which produces the right amount of air for each zone requirement, whilst quietly saving energy.



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