Panasonic Perth Australia

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Inspired Design

Panasonic has a large range of ECO inspired designs for both their standard and large capacity Air Conditioners. Panasonic's cool, stylish and energy-saving air conditioners are more attractive than ever. Their beautifully curved form is designed to complement today's modern interiors, and what's more, advanced inverter technology assures efficient operation so you can also enjoy energy savings.

Inverter Technology

Panasonic's new energy-saving performance dramatically reduces power consumption for big savings. The inverter air conditioners provide exceptional energy-saving performance that ranks among the highest in the industry. This dramatically reduces electricity consumption and CO2 emmissions, allowing an environment-friendly operation. The key to this energy saving technology is the Inverter's smart control; after reaching the set temperature, an inverter air conditioner continues operating with minimum power to avoid electricity consumption. PICTURE

The Panasonic Inverters have further advantages including:

Quick Comfort- As soon as the inverter air conditioner is switched on, it provides tha appropriate amount of power needed to rapidly cool or heat the room. This ability allows the system to reach the set temperature about 1.5 times faster than non-inverter models.

More Precise Temperature Control- An inverter varies output power to enable more precise temperature adjustment. In comparison, a non-inverter air conditioner controls the temperature by switching on and off. This results in temperature fluctuations, leading to uneven cooling. An inverter model will always assure you're in a uniform room temperature for extra comfort.

Mild Dry Cooling- Fine control helps to prevent a rapid decrease in room humidity while maintaining the set temperature. (Maintains RH* up to 10% higher than cooling operation. *RH: Relative humidity). This is ideal when sleeping with the air conditioner on.

Larger Cross Flow Fan- Panasonic's new models feature a larger cross flow fan with improved design. The fan's larger diameter dramatically improves airflow. A powerful breeze rapidly cools the room to a comfortable temperature. And because the breeze reaches a wider area, the temperature is evenly distributed throughout the room, providing extra comfort.

Air Purifying Technology

Panasonic's original, highly acclaimed e-ion Air Purifying System is now 15% more efficient than before. Active e-ions are released to catch dust particles and bring them back to the large filter. Thanks to this revolutionary boomerang-like mechanism, air is purified throughout the room to provide a healthy, relaxing living environment.